Kindling the Creativity Within

Inspired by the book Nurture Your Creative Spirit by Vikki Pignatelli

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The Spider’s Web


“Setbacks are a necessary ingredient for creativity. Without them we remain complacent in our comfort zones and do not take inventive leaps of faith. From personal experience, I can tell you many of the artistic ideas in my quilts were born out of necessity, trying to hide or incorporate my unfortunate mistakes into workable solutions.” Excerpt from Nurture Your Creative Spirit. 

While completing the back of my quilt, “The Spider’s Web”, I accidentally poked a hole in the fabric on one of the branches. I needed to come up with a good way to hide my mistake. What better solution than to cover the hole with an embroidered spider? It was the perfect complement to the theme of the quilt.


When Things Go Wrong….

Thought for today:  There will be setbacks and times when your artistic work will not go as planned. Setbacks are a necessary ingredient for creativity. Realize that even if something goes wrong, it can be a proverbial silver lining and a tremendous opportunity for growth. Having a setback is an essential requirement for learning or we would not be forced to exercise our imaginations and seek creative solutions for problems.

Of ALL my work, “Needles and Pins” is my least favorite quilt. I’ve never shown it to anyone before, thus the horrible image…it’s my one and only photo. However, working on this piece did teach me many lessons. The crisscrossing threads and yarns spanning the openings sagged terribly and I was very upset with the setback. Through persistence and experimenting, I was able to come up with a solution that works well for my later quilts with openings.… securing the threads onto a stabilizer “frame” before inserting the frame into the opening of the quilt.