Kindling the Creativity Within

Inspired by the book Nurture Your Creative Spirit by Vikki Pignatelli


Courage In Art #3: “Rosemary’s Garden”

Thought for today: “Allow yourself the freedom to consider all new avenues with avid curiosity. Do not strive for perfection or allow yourself to fear failure. There is no such thing as failure unless you give up and stop trying.” (Excerpt from my book, Nurture Your Creative Spirit) See image story/description below:

ImageAfter making quilts using patterns, I had loads of scraps left over from expensive fabrics…both commercial and hand-dyed and wanted to use them somehow. I decided one day to go to my studio and start playing spontaneously. I had no idea or design in mind, I just wanted to experiment, play without thinking and see what would happen. I began constructing “blocks” of all different sizes and shapes and was having a great time enjoying this new creative process through trial and error. These experiments began a new era for me…creating large improvisational quilts and teaching the technique. The image above, “Rosemary’s Garden”, is an early improvisational quilt I made for my sister, who is an avid gardener. The quilt includes a fun variety of garden-related fabrics such as frogs (she has a pond), flowers and stormy fabrics.