Kindling the Creativity Within

Inspired by the book Nurture Your Creative Spirit by Vikki Pignatelli

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Courage in Art #2

I love to experiment and play and lose all track of time when I am in my creative “zone”. This felted “moss” was created only with wool roving and dyed cheesecloth. I used it as groundcover and growing up the rocks in my quilt, “Rocky Mountain Wildflowers”. The following is an excerpt from my book, Nurture your Creative Spirit: “Creative people have the courage to work intuitively and spontaneously. They do not create solely to please others, but to satisfy, explore, fulfill, indulge, heal, delight and nurture the artistic need within their mind, body and spirit.”ImageImage

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There’s Always More Fabric…..


Stretch, bend, break and shatter any rules that shackle your artistry and try new
things. Courage is taking creative risks. In our world when you take a risk, ask yourself,
“What are the best and worst outcomes?” You weigh the odds and then make a
decision. In the creative world of quilting, the worst outcome I’ve experienced is that
the idea I thought would work didn’t pan out and I had to buy more fabric. This wasn’t
a problem for me, and probably won’t be for any other fabric-addicted quilter either.

Excerpt from Vikki’s Nuture Your Creative Spirit