Kindling the Creativity Within

Inspired by the book Nurture Your Creative Spirit by Vikki Pignatelli

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Curiosity In Art

“Innovative people are curious. They experiment. They discover. They dare to be different and are not afraid to make mistakes”. Excerpt from “Nurture a our Creative Spirit”.

I love to play and experiment and often get lost in the creative process. Several years ago I purchased a felting machine on a whim. Not content to felt only wool, which is standard, I decided to experiment with all types of fabric and fibers just to see what would happen. I had a great time playing and discovered how to make fun collages through felting. My experiments resulted in creating my quilt, Against All Odds. The tree and leaves are a felted collage of materials including cotton, wool, wool roving, silk, silk roving, and cheesecloth, among others.

The photo below contains some of my felted collages including clockwise from top left: A center for a flower; a collage demo from a class; a sample of felted tree bark from Against All Odds; and a collage I intend to use on a handmade notecard.

Are you fearless when you are create? Has any of your experiments led to exciting effects in your artwork/quilts?




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Courage in Art

Creative spirits are not afraid to work with new ideas nor worry how others judge their art. They think and play freely without expectations, self-judgment or predetermined outcomes and express their thoughts about their work without fear.
Excerpt from Nurture Your Creative Spirit.

ImageDetail of felted leaves and trunk from my quilt, Against All Odds. Creating the machine felted collage was pure joy of creative experimentation. The felted collage contains cotton, wool, silk, wool and silk roving, cheesecloth and various polyester sheer organzas.