Kindling the Creativity Within

Inspired by the book Nurture Your Creative Spirit by Vikki Pignatelli

NO Rules



Through my entire life I followed every one of the laws of life and society to the letter. However when it comes to creativity and my art, my dormant alter ego comes alive. Rebellion takes over. I have no qualms about breaking every rule with relish. In my mind, creativity has no rules. If you think it, you can do it! Do you play it safe in your art? Do you have the courage to let your imaginative alter ego loose? Have the courage to play and experiment with devilish abandon and watch your creativity grow.

Excerpt from “Nurture Your Creative Spirit”

Author: vikkipignatelli

Professional national and international quilt teacher, lecturer, artist and author.

2 thoughts on “NO Rules

  1. Not playing by the rules is so much fun when one is creating and designing.

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  2. I’ve always struggled with “rules” when it comes to sewing & creativity. I totally understand the purists when it comes to accuracy of a design with a standard form but I don’t cope well with having to conform when “play” is involved 🙂


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